Phil Kelley

San Kyu Atlanta Gi Yu Dojo


I have been in martial arts since I was 15. It took me until my 50's to find the combat style that I was looking for. This is GI YU KOBUDO or The Gi Yu Jissen Koryu Bujutsu . 
I am a full time massage therapist, and unt I took my first belt test at the GI YU seminar 2015. I did not realize how this art affected my life. It takes Zanshin to go to the level of massage that I do.I also need to use my Tanden in order to do the type of Deep Tissue work that I do.The average massage therapist knows about energy, but does not know the kind that Sensei Sukh Sandhu teaches us. First there is a Rhythm,that I must
find that everyone has. When they are stressed or in pain there rhythm is not in balance. Once I find there imbalance then and only then do I try to make there balance Flow. Once the flow begins it needs to go in the correct direction. Then and only then does the deep tissue massage begins. My whole life evolves around this technique of Rhythm and Flow for balance in my life.
This balance is where I try to take each and every client. Thanks to Sensei Sukh and WS, for helping me be an extraordinary massage therapist though training with the GI YU DOJO.