Our First Budo Workshop
Roy Smith- Mu Kyu Kokomo Gi Yu Dojo

    I decided to write a short article on my views of the first Kokomo Gi Yu Dojo Workshop where we hosted the head of our martial arts system, Sensei Sandhu.  A few weeks before the workshop, I started thinking about the fact that our first Kokomo Gi-Yu Dojo Seminar was coming up.  I was getting psyched up about seeing our friends from The Dayton Ohio Dojo, a great group of warriors…of friends. However, I was a bit nervous because I as though my skill level is not were it should be, due to the problem of not getting the time to practice like I want.  There seems to always be something preventing me from getting to our training facility to train regularly.  Things like my work schedule, being a newly wed, and fitting in to my teacher’s schedule.  So, basically it comes down to practicing on my days off.  I stay fit by working out daily before work, I have to…I am a police officer.  But, I find then I do not take the time to practice our taijutsu. These are all excuses....for me not feeling prepared…when all it takes IS preparation.  Practice daily as Sensei Sandhu has said on many occasions...15 minutes a day will do a world of wonder for your movement.

    I started thinking about my teacher Jim Nielson, I did not want to let him down or make him look bad in front of his teacher.  Jim put a lot of time and energy running around to get ready for hosting Sensei.  I asked him many times if there was anything for me to do.  Jim being the humble and hard working person that he is, would always put the chores on himself and would not ask for my help, or he would tell me that it was just a little stuff to do and that he could do it.  I found out afterwards that it was a lot to do and plan for.  I praise him for all that he did to get ready for this workshop and everything he continues to do to create an environment for our group to train.  I could not ask for a better teacher and friend.

    During the seminar, I can not describe how much of a good time I had learning some new techniques and going over my requirements for the next rank.  Sensei Sukh Sandhu does an excellent job in breaking down the movements and explaining things in such a simple way that it doesn’t feel like rocket science.  Even though it was a lot of information and training material thrown at me at once, it was not that difficult to remember.  I do regret missing the after workshop festivities, where you get to socialize and get to know the members of our “dojo family”, Jim has always said how important those moments are, where you can ask and discuss what ever you want with Sensei and the other training members and learn the depth of knowledge and sincerity these individuals are willing to share. It was also very pleasing for me to take the Gi-Yu family to our workplace (I am in charge of the police firing range) and get a little trigger time in, which by itself is another art. 

     I have continued training on the techniques that we have learned from Sensei Sandhu and can’t wait for the Honbu Annual seminar to test for my next rank.  I want to thank all the members that came from the Ohio Dojo to help myself, Jim and Chris in our pursuit for our next accomplishment in this art.