A Note from Unsui Sensei

I would like to offer my congratulations to Sukh Sandhu on the establishment of his Dojo. From here on, you will be called on to help your juniors to grow, but I hope you will work and sweat alongside your students with the intention of training for yourself, without fear of making mistakes. I have said this many times, but no matter how able or exceptional a person is, he or she will understand at best 70% of what another says or teaches. If you keep this in mind, you need not be worried about anything. I will correct your mistakes. Please give me lots of work to do. That will be good for me too, to prevent my going senile.

Next I will speak to those who will study with Sukh. Sukh Sandhu has trained hard for a long time as a student of Shawn Havens, the person I rely upon the most in the U.S.A. Therefore, I have no doubt that he will teach technique with the same way of thinking and the same movement as I do. Also, his character is sincere and direct, so his training is certain to be fun. Be sure to learn thoroughly, one step at a time, knowing that "Rome wasn’t built in one day."

On a different topic, I have noticed that of late the number of "martial collectors" has increased among those who do martial arts, but if one thinks carefully about what is truly necessary for a martial artist, there is no need to know great numbers of techniques from various styles. I have been told that in the end, Takamatsu Sensei said if one can master and freely apply the Kihon Happo, that is enough. Jinenkan members, please learn correct techniques one by one with your body. If you perfect your technique and polish your character, your desires will vanish by themselves. Rank, position, and honor will follow. You must not chase after them. Rank, position and honor are things given to you by others. I earnestly ask that you never forget this.

As I set aside my brush, I pray for Sukh’s dojo to prosper. Once again, I give my congratulations.


March 23, 2000
Jinenkan Kancho